Yesterday, I went back to work with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain after a hiatus of 7 months.

Today, I’m back at home, in a post-adrenalin kind of limbo, staring at the wallpaper. Again.

But let’s talk about yesterday…

The band got together for a secret project. In a London hideaway. None of us have seen one another since our last gig in Sweden in March. That’s a long time, for a family who are usually on the road together most of the year. I mean, would we even recognise one another? Certainly the hair’s got longer. A few more boy ponytails than before. Time really has passed.

It was an odd feeling climbing into my stage clothes again, and having to wear a bit more make up than I might on an everage day. An odd feeling, to pack the car with my uke, microphone, music stand, flask of coffee, sandwiches. So rock ‘n’ roll, I know.

We were about to do our first socially distance music project. A day’s worth of playing and recording, 2 metres apart, masks on when leaving the stage, each in their own designated dressing area, antibacterial gel on every table. You know, the new normal we’ve all come to love.

I had actually felt slight trepidation about all getting together in a room and being able to sound good, after our lengthy hibernation. I mean, we haven’t rehearsed together, not even on Zoom.

But somehow the old magic was still there. Getting back into the saddle when you’re in the company of people you trust on stage, and people as talented as those in our orchestra, is everything. It was such a great feeling. To play music again. To sing. Together. In the same room.

No real surprise that I have come crashing down today after this burst of creativity. I imagine I will be fine again by tomorrow. I always am. I re-set and survive. But to have inhaled just a bit of the joy of what I used to do..even for a day, was like breathing in pure oxygen. And I miss it. And I want to be creating again.

Oh, I believe in yest-er-day.

(But of course, there’s always Tomorrow).