Leisa is brilliant in the classroom and I have seen her grab children’s attentions, fill them with inspiration and give them the space to produce work of the highest quality.

Leisa is unique and with this magic she brings humour and play to learning. I get the benefit of her vast knowledge as a professional musician and performer....I recommend her very very highly.

Lessons are delivered in person by me, live online, using Zoom. If you’ve never used Zoom – don’t be afraid, its really easy, and I’ve included a little guide to using it here.

I offer one to one lessons for Adults and Children of all abilities, I also have small group lessons and larger group workshops. In a lesson we will work together on tunes and technique, on confidence and singing (if you like)  – and I’ll show you how you can make great progress, move to the next level and enjoy yourself along the way. You might already have a specific goal, just let me know.

Your First Lesson will be introductory by nature, it will contain some consultation, so I can hear and understand where you’re at. But it will be a chance for us to get to know each other a bit better and assess your needs. No need to book a whole course of lessons, do one and decide whether you like it and want to do any more. If you do, simply book another lesson online at a later date. If not, we will forever cherish our brief encounter. My classes are on a first come first served basis and you can book easily on this site, to secure your preferred time. Look forward to working with you.

Book Adult Lesson

Have a private one to one lesson if you’d prefer my focus to be on you, and you alone, or choose the more economical group lesson with your family grouping or flatmates/friends. It’s up to you.

The times shown are correct for the time zone you are in right now. So if you want a 2pm lesson, click 2pm.

Book Child Lesson

Ukulele is the new Recorder. No more piping out ‘London’s Burning’. Let the mighty Uke improve the confidence of your child, develop focus and technique but most of all, help them to find the Joy in Music. This is about taking the stuffiness out of music lessons and having fun. We’ll strum, pick and sing songs they will know and love. 

The times shown are correct for the time zone you are in right now. So if you want a 2pm lesson, click 2pm.

All my lessons and playalongs are conducted using Zoom. You can find out more about using Zoom on my ‘How To’ Page.

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A cost effective way for larger groups of uke players of all abilities to learn new tricks and get more out of playing together. Contact me if you have specific song requirements.

Performance Coaching

If you want extra help with performing in front of other people, overcoming nerves, writing songs or adding some finesse to your onstage persona, this is for you. Let’s unlock your potential.

The Gift Card

A special ukulele lesson with Leisa Rea from The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, tailored to suit your needs.

Work on a song together, learn some tricks and techniques or maybe start your ukulele journey right here.

Leisa Rea

Learn with Leisa

Tailored one to one lessons or or a workshop for a fun way to learn. Groups, children and family can all join in!