How To Z...

There’s a new word in town since The Great Lockdown, and that word is Zoom.

OK, maybe some of you had Zoom already – but I’d never heard of it.  These days, it’s second nature for us to be speaking to one another digitally and looking at each other via little screens.  Some might say its all a bit clinical and dystopian but, c’mon -we can see and talk to one another without even being in the same country.  It’s like being in Star Trek. But better. (I’m preparing to be challenged by Trekkies on that one..)

Anyway -Zoom is the thing that’s all hooked up to my booking system and calender, so, Zoom it is. If you want to have lessons or workshops with me, you’ll have to download Zoom first from either the app store, or from the zoom site. I prefer the app, but it’s up to you. The best thing is – It’s FREE.  There are some download links below. There’s also the official video from the Zoom site telling you how to join ‘meetings’ (which means a lesson or workshop in our case).

Head’s up -I’m not a Zoom expert or technical engineer for Zoom – I’m just pointing you in the right direction! It’s up to you to familiarise yourself with it, if you haven’t already.

So – Download it, test it, zoom your friends first and have a practice before you have an appointment with me – so we get the best out of the time together.

Once Zoom is downloaded, and you’ve ‘joined’ (which pretty much just involves you providing your email), you’re good to go.

When you book a lesson with me, you also recieve a confirmation email, with a unique link to our zoom meeting. All you have do, is click on that link at the time time your lesson starts (It’s like ringing my virtual doorbell) and I’ll let you in. If you’re a bit early, you’ll be invited into a virtual ‘waiting room’ (no magazines I’m afraid – its just a holding area) until the offical start time of our session.

Sound easy? I hope so. If you haven’t tried Zoom, just be patient with this new fangeled thing. You’ll get the hang of it in no time at all. Have a practice with friends or family. Check you can see and hear one another.

Right – here are some links to downloads AND Zoom’s own ‘how to video’ (should you fancy watching instructions being delivered by an American lady at top speed!).

Zoom for computers

Zoom for Windows Desktops

Download Zoom for you laptop or desktop PC

Zoom for Apple Desktops

Download Zoom for your MacBook, iMac or Mac Pro
Zoom for mobile devices

Zoom for Android Mobile Devices

Download Zoom from the Google Play App Store

Zoom for Apple Mobile Devices

Download Zoom for iPhones and iPads